Fine art equine photography: why should I invest?

These days everyone carries a camera everywhere they go – so why would you invest in professional, fine art equine photography when you probably have hundreds of snaps already?

Those snaps will remind you of every day moments, the photos from competitions and sponsored rides also document special times, but there’s also a place for compelling portraits that seem as if they could come to life on your wall at any moment – and that’s what you will receive when you invest in beautiful, timeless, fine art equine photography.

You are gaining a unique artistic study of your own horse.

I’ve been photographing horses for the last 12 years and have invested hundreds of hours into becoming an expert equine photographer. I combine beautifully balanced composition and exquisite lighting – both in the form of a mobile studio and also harnessing the best of natural light – to highlight the form, muscularity and essence of your horse. If you’re wondering about the amount of preparation needed for an equine photography shoot, rest assured – it’s really nothing more than grooming your horse and selecting a headcollar or bridle. Read more about how to prepare and what to expect here.

As a fellow horse lover and horse owner, I understand what it’s like to deeply love a horse. And I hope that you can see that love and passion shine through in my work.  You can view some of my fine art equine portraits here.

I’ve received lots of lovely comments about my fine art equine photography from my clients – this one was received recently from the owner of a beautiful Irish Draught gelding, a true gentleman with the sweetest nature:

“Lisa, I really love the way that you have caught the essence of my boy Mr Pip. He is such a gentle giant and you have captured him perfectly. I have received so many wonderful compliments on the shots you have taken and I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to have their horses photographed.”

Please do get in touch – email me at if you’d like more information about commissioning a unique, artistic photographic study of your own horse.

fine-art-equine-photography-horse-portrait-lisa-mardell Spanish stallion portrait

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