Stylish Black and White Equine Photography

Black and white image of a Thoroughbred horse trotting

Black and white photography of a Thoroughbred horse trotting across an indoor arena

While colour photography evokes strong emotions, black and white equine photography, in its minimalist form, can provide an equally strong – if not stronger – impact.

So when you’re considering commissioning fine art photography of your horse why not choose a photographer who can offer you black and white equine images too.

I’m a specialist equine photographer based in the south east of England offering photography commissions to create a unique artistic study of your horse. I combine beautifully balanced composition and exquisite lighting to highlight the form, muscularity and essence of your horse to produce compelling equine portrait photography that seems as if it could come to life on your wall at any given moment.  I present images to my clients in both colour and black and white. Read more about my approach to equine photography here.

Black and white equine photography is timeless. Removing the colour and just showing the black and the white leaves you with the pure essence of the photograph.

Black and white equine photography adds a quality to the images that helps emphasise the emotion and the beauty of your horse. By stripping out the colour you become much more aware of shape, form, texture, light and the subtle gradations of tone.

I truly believe that black and white equine photography can reveal character more deeply than colour and that’s why I offer my clients both colour and black and white images. It’s so interesting to see clients’ reactions when they view their images for the first time and to see the ones that really speak to them. Quite often it’s the stark beauty of black and white that stops them in their tracks.

Black and white images make a statement on any wall. Choosing images to display on the walls of your home is such a personal decision but regardless of the style of your home, a black and white image will enhance any room.

I’m sharing some of my favourite commissioned images with you on this page, and you can see more in the gallery on my website. And for more information on why to invest in commissioning fine art equine photography just read my blog post.


Studio photography of a Thoroughbred horse

A black and white image of a Thoroughbred horse photographed during a studio session


Andalusian stallion

An Andalucian stallion photographed at his home with mobile studio lights



A Lusitano gelding photographed trotting across an arena

A Lusitano gelding photographed as he trotted across an arena

Irish Draught horse photographed in an indoor arena

A beautiful Irish Draught horse, captured in black and white

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