The art of framing photography

A beautiful photograph deserves a lovely frame.  That’s why framing photography is so important. And when you’ve invested in photography that you love – whether that may be a commission of your horse, an abstract study or a lovely landscape – your choice of framing needs to highlight the piece in a pleasing but not overpowering way.

photograph of a grey horse framed in a gold frame







But how do you choose the right one? If you’re framing one of my images, I’m always happy to offer advice and I have lots of samples of different frames and finishes to share with you. I can organise framing for you or recommend some things to consider if you prefer to frame it yourself.








The six things to think about are:

  1. When framing photography, it should always complement the image and shouldn’t detract from the power of it. I love simple, neutral frames, and my first choice is always white or black wood. However, gold is also a beautiful choice as it reflects light so readily, and is neutral as a colour.
  2. Select a material and frame that fits the style of the room in which the art will be located. This sounds obvious but sometimes can be overlooked when you find a frame that you love. Remember that framing not only completes the design, it connects the photograph to the room in which it is being displayed.
  3. Think about how artificial light and sunlight will reflect off the glazing and affect the viewing of the photograph inside. Glass with anti-reflective properties can really help cut down on glare.
  4. You can create a contemporary feel by framing small prints with large mounts and then using a large frame. These look great in groups of three.
  5. With a large wall I would either do a collection of small pieces or hang a couple of large scale statement photographs.
  6. There are plenty of alternative options to conventional framing too. Photographs can look fabulous printed onto frame-less acrylic and aluminium too. This gives a contemporary finish which looks at home in all sorts of different situations.

See my range of limited edition work  here – which is available either as prints for you to frame yourself or as finished, framed pieces.

And for my advice on framing or to see a range of samples do feel free to contact me.

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