Equine photoshoot: your questions answered

I’m often asked a range of different questions from horse owners about what to expect  at an equine photoshoot, so I thought it would be helpful to share those that are asked most frequently.

  1. Where will my equine photoshoot take place?

Wherever you feel most comfortable. Most people like to have these at the place where their horse is stabled, but it could also be on a beach, at a favourite riding location or at your home.







If you’d like your horse photographed with lighting, I bring a mobile studio of a background and some lights that I can set up in an indoor school, barn or in stables. These are used to create stylish portraits, using the lighting to highlight the form and essence of your horse.  You can see my portraits gallery here. My equine shoots generally last 2-3 hours including set up time.







2. Should I ride my horse before his equine photoshoot?

If you think it would help to take the edge off your horses’ energy then lunging or riding on the morning of the shoot before you bath or groom him or her could be a good idea.

3. I’m not sure how my horse will behave – what if he’s nervous?

Every horse reacts to being photographed differently. Some are very bold and show off for the camera, some are shy and a little reticent. Some take the lights and background in their stride while others need some time to get used to it. When I work with my mobile studio, I set everything up first and then introduce the horse to it. We start very slowly, just getting the horse comfortable with it, then we do some test shots and once he’s fully comfortable we start the shoot.  We go at the pace that your horse is comfortable with, and take breaks when needed.

4. How should I prepare my horse for his equine photoshoot?
Other than bathing if he’s very muddy, you’ll just need to groom your horse and choose a bridle or headcollar for him/her to wear. Leather headcollars are usually best as they always look stylish.

5. And what should I wear?
If you’d like me to photograph you and just horse together, select a couple of different outfits that reflect your style and personality and in which you feel totally relaxed and comfortable.







6. What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the equine photoshoot?
If we’re shooting indoors then it’s no problem at all, and if the forecast is light rain or snow then we’ll go ahead anyway, and take a break during showers. However if it’s torrential rain, heavy snows or extremely windy then you can choose to rebook for another day.

7. How do I book?
Just get in touch by email or phone 07545 577807 to discuss available dates.

8. How do I pay?
Payment can be made by debit/credit card or bank transfer when your booking is confirmed.

9. What happens after my horse photography shoot?
Following your horse portrait photography shoot, I’ll carefully edited the images before presenting them to you via an online gallery. You can expect to choose from between 30-40 images from each equine portrait photography session.

I offer a choice of beautiful framing options to perfectly suit horse portraits in both contemporary and traditional settings, including stylish wood and metal frames, and aluminium, acrylic and art block artwork, and I have a range of samples that I can show to you. Or if you prefer to frame the finished images yourself, I also offer fine art prints in a range of sizes and papers.







I hope that’s answered any questions you may have about your horse photography shoot but please do email me or phone me on 07545 577807 if you’d like any more information.



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